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Following the Products’ Complete Life Cycle, One Stage at a Time

Since 1982, Jefo specializes in the development, manufacturing, storage and distribution of products for animal nutrition. Thanks to a FileMaker solution developed by Direct Impact, this world leader has the ability to manage the complete life cycle of its products, from the management of raw materials to the delivery of end products.

FileMaker Technology Potentiating Production Technology

Jefo, a Saint-Hyacinthe company, has offices on five continents and is recognized as a world leader in non-drug nutritional additives for poultry, swine and ruminant. It is the only manufacturing plant serving 58 countries and hiring over 130 employees worldwide.

Like all manufacturing companies producing a wide range of products requiring a complex and sophisticated production process, Jefo quickly turned to IT solutions to increase its efficiency. "Our company has always worked in the Mac environment and we were looking for a manufacturing solution that could easily be implemented in our business. As few options were available, we chose the development of a custom FileMaker solution which is perfectly adapted to our needs and grows with us" explains Gilles Mileto, Quality Manager and Project Manager Quality Assurance at Jefo.

Jefo iPad iPhone

"It’s the "multi-platform database" that most attracted us to FileMaker. This technology is similar to the Access software, but better. It’s more intuitive."

Gilles Mileto, Quality Manager and Project Manager Quality Assurance at Jefo

Managing the Manufacturing Plant Activities... like an MRP/ERP

FileMaker productions

The FileMaker solution developed by Direct Impact is innovative and high-performance, like the products Jefo manufactures for its customers. In very little time, Direct Impact succeeded in developing a first solution, responding perfectly to Jefo’s needs. This first project was the basis for the development of a comprehensive management system of the complete life cycle of all products manufactured by Jefo.

"It’s actually a multi-purpose solution that allows our teams to obtain real-time information" says Gilles Mileto.

"This solution gives us access to a wide range of features. We can easily retrieve the provisional reports of sales or purchases, track sales and orders, or plan the production schedule.”

Indeed, this FileMaker solution significantly increases Jefo’s productivity. Each stage of the products’ life cycle is entered into the database and it efficiently manages all tasks related to each of these steps. For example, the management of raw materials needed to manufacture the products is done by the system, from receiving raw materials to the management of inventory and location with consideration to expiry dates and stock levels. The bill of materials is entirely managed by the FileMaker solution, from the allocation of ingredients according to recipes developed by Jefo, to bagging.

Jefo packaging

"We can already see the potential deployment of many applications in the future, including the development of a multilingual version which will be used in our other offices around the world."

Gilles Mileto, Quality Manager and Project Manager Quality Assurance at Jefo

Barcode and iPad Technology Go Hand in Hand

FileMaker receptions

To increase the efficiency of his teams, Mr. Mileto imagined a barcode system that perfectly aligns with a management solution. This was the stepping stone for the Direct Impact team in developing the technological solution and in implementing stable processes, leading to the introduction of barcodes, without compromising other features already in place. Thus, all products handled by Jefo teams now have a barcode, from raw materials to end products. The Direct Impact team was also able to recommend to Jefo the best barcode readers available that could adapt to the system and its needs. Jefo even purchased a long range barcode scanner that can read product codes, regardless of their distance from the scanner.

"With the barcode system we use that supports 2D codes and/or Data Matrix and that enables compliance with GTIN regulations, results are obtained in real-time. It is very useful, amongst other things, for product lot traceability, optimal management of our warehouses and the products’ shipping process" says Mileto.

"Barcodes greatly help us in the management of inventories of raw materials and the location of these in our warehouses. With their iPad, our shipping team can easily identify orders to be sent to customers."

jefo calendar

The Perfect Solution for all Manufacturing Companies

FileMaker shipping

The development of this FileMaker solution certainly contributed to Jefo’s increased productivity and efficiency, while improving communication among its teams. Thanks to the collaboration with Jefo, Direct Impact is now able to offer this solution to other companies in the manufacturing sector (production chain, assembling, installation) wanting to optimize the management of their manufacturing processes.

Based on the developments made with Jefo, the Direct Impact team can easily set up a similar system, taking into account the specific needs of each type of products or manufacturers. The solution applies to distributors as well, with its features that allow inventory management, warehousing, shipping and receiving of products using barcodes.

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